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    Feel like you are stranded in the dark?

    Let Instabill shed some light on chargebacks and refunds.

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    Fraud is the top cause of chargebacks.

    Learn how to prevent fraud and dispute chargebacks with Instabill.

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    Consumers reject 7.8% of card purchases.

    Find out how you can avoid canceled transactions.

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    Identity fraud affects millions each year.

    Discover effective techniques to prevent identity theft with Instabill.

Chargeback Prevention and Management

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What is a chargeback? What is a refund? If you are a merchant, then you probably recognize these terms. Although both involve consumers requesting their money back due to being unhappy with the products or services they bought, the two are very different types of transactions. While a business issues a refund directly, its acquiring bank issues the chargeback that the consumer requests by contacting his or her credit card issuing bank.

For a consumer, this can all sound very confusing—and for a business owner, you know that too many chargebacks can hurt your ability to process credit cards. Instabill has created this FREE comprehensive guide to help consumers and merchants truly understand credit card chargebacks and refunds. Merchants can learn about preventing and reversing chargebacks while consumers can learn the difference between the two transactions as well as when they should request one instead of the other.

There is so much to learn about chargebacks and refunds, so if you have additional questions that our website has not answered, please contact us by submitting the form below or by calling +1.888.475.4379. Not only has Instabill processed credit card for more than 7,000 businesses worldwide, but we have also seen our fair share of chargebacks—and the credit card processing experts at Instabill are more than happy to provide you with all of the answers you need.

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In Chargebacks 101 for Merchants, Instabill teaches business owners about the chargeback process and chargeback reversal process. Instabill also offers advice on how to prevent chargebacks as well as credit card fraud.

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In Chargebacks 101 for Consumers, Instabill clearly identifies the similarities and differences between refunds and credit card chargebacks. Consumers can learn what situations are best for each type of transaction.

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Instabill is an Internet payment service provider with more than 12 years of credit card processing experience. Learn more about Instabill as well as why the company created the website Instabill.org.

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