Refund Benefits

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If Mary was unhappy with the weight loss supplements she purchased online from George, she would want her money back immediately. However, since George was unaware of Mary's transaction, he assumed the charge was fraudulent and filed a credit card chargeback — another situation where a cardholder would want his money returned as soon as possible. There are many refund benefits, but the time it takes to get your money back is by far the most important.

Time Is of the Essence

Consider this: How much time would it take George to apologize to Leroy and issue the refund while the two were still on the phone? At least a few minutes. (Or, better yet, for George to explain that Mary authorized the transaction.)

Now, consider this: How much time do you think it would take Leroy to get back his money if he called his credit card issuing bank, which called George's acquiring bank, which called George and gave him five days to respond? At least five days.

Sadly, because Leroy filed a chargeback with his credit card acquiring bank, he will have to wait at least five days to figure out whether he will be getting back his money.

Additional Refund Benefits

If Mary were to have called and complained about the poor quality of George's weight loss supplements, he would likely want to compensate Mary for her troubles and entice her to return. George or one of his customer service specialists would undoubtedly give Mary a heartfelt apology as well as a full refund and may even offer her a discount on her next purchase, free shipping, or a complimentary gift.

Always remember that customer is king (or queen!) and merchants love making their customers happy so they return. However, do not forget to call the business to praise them on their goods or services.

Chargeback Disadvantages

Sure, filing a chargeback may have its advantages in certain scenarios, but it is more important to learn about the disadvantages they offer. Continue to read about Leroy's struggles and learn all about chargeback disadvantages on

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