Chargebacks 101 for Merchants

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In the world of payments and credit card processing, merchants will hear the terms chargeback and refund used often and it is vital to understand exactly what they mean. In Chargebacks 101 for Merchants, Instabill follows the case study about George, a fictional e-commerce merchant who sells weight loss supplements. The articles in this portion of the website take you through George's problems with chargebacks as well as how he disputes and learns how to prevent them.

Chargeback Articles for Merchants

  • What is a Chargeback?
  • The Chargeback Process
  • The Chargeback Reversal Process
  • How to Prevent Chargebacks
  • Visa Chargebacks
  • MasterCard Chargebacks
  • Preventing Credit Card Fraud

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For more than a decade, Instabill has been an affordable and reliable merchant account provider to business owners worldwide. We work with retail, MOTO, and e-commerce businesses in a wide range of industries, including forex, PPI claims, and telemarketing. The Instabill Risk Management Department helps merchants prevent chargebacks and credit card fraud while our Client Tech Support Department maintains a PCI compliant payment gateway for safe and secure credit card processing.

If you would like more information about chargebacks or our merchant account services, please contact Instabill by submitting our form below or by calling 1-800-318-2713.

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