Instabill’s Merchant Accounts Record Has Fallen

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Instabill Sales Lead Kenny Ross recently sold 15 merchant accounts – a new Instabill record. It underscores Instabill’s commitment to customer support.


The month of July, start of Q3, was one of Instabill’s best of the calendar year behind Sales Lead Kenny Ross’ record 15 merchant accounts sold. He didn’t have his eyes on setting a new sales record. He simply used the principles that make him an excellent salesperson to his advantage: direct, honest communication combined with his knowledge of risk management and the payments industry.

The previous mark of 14 merchant accounts had been established by current Sales Manager Wendy Jacques. It was Ms. Jacques who brought Mr. Ross on staff shortly in the spring of 2014 (one can imagine the banter in Instabill’s Portsmouth, NH offices throughout the second half of last month).

In April of 2015 – after less than a year on staff – Mr. Ross was promoted to Sales Team Lead, where he took on more of a leadership/instructional role for new members of the sales staff.

Mr. Ross’ achievement was more about Instabill’s commitment to live customer support.

What is His Secret to Selling Merchant Accounts?

For his efforts, Mr. Ross received sizeable bonuses through Instabill’s incentive program.

His secret? Personal contact, a lot of it.

“Over the last couple months, I’ve been reaching out to people a lot more,” Mr. Ross said. “I’ve been hitting the phones extra hard, trying to talk to the merchants. When I shoot an email out, I try to make a phone call too. It’s important to make an extra effort to be a voice to the business owner.”

Mr. Ross received big plaudits from Instabill CEO Jason Field.

“Kenny is not banging on doors. He is in the office 45-plus hours a week responding to inquiries that we receive every day and every week,” Mr. Field said. “He is always thinking about which banks are going to be the best fit for the right business. He is thorough, friendly and direct and just gives prospective merchants the facts.”

Need a Merchant Account? Call us Direct!

While many companies distance themselves from their customers by employing call centers and automation, Instabill remains committed to live, one-on-one customer support and one representative for its merchant accounts. When merchants call 1-800-318-2713 or choose the live chat option below, they are directly connected to our sales staff and a merchant account manager where they get straight answers.

Just try us.

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