Online Dating Chargebacks: Why They're So Frequent

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Online dating chargebacks are proving to be a real problem for merchants in that industry, and they happen for a number of different reasons.


Chargebacks affect most card-not-present merchants nowadays. Whether they’re a result of simple miscommunication, error, or part of an intent to commit fraud, too many chargebacks can affect a merchant’s processing abilities and earn a high risk label for an entire industry.

However, there’s one industry in particular that is seeing a frequent amount of chargebacks. Online dating chargebacks are proving to be a real problem for merchants in that industry, and they happen for a number of different reasons.

1. Consumer Guilt

Many customers of online dating services request chargebacks due to guilt. It is not uncommon for married men and women to join dating sites secretly and request chargebacks if they get caught. They claim it was some sort of misunderstanding and demand to be paid back by their credit card issuer.

Merchants can fight this type of chargeback by collecting chargeback evidence throughout the purchasing process. Online dating chargebacks are common, but they don’t have to be a problem. Send purchase confirmation emails and require users to electronically sign agreements to help back you up in the chargeback reversal process.

2. Dissatisfaction

The reason people join dating sites is to find other people looking for romantic partnerships. But if they lose patience and still find themselves single after using a dating site, they might want their money back. This could lead to a customer dissatisfaction chargeback.

This scenario lies in the same stream as customers requesting a chargeback for damaged goods. They will claim the service didn’t work to their liking and failed to do as advertised. Like above, this can be prevented by requiring new customers to agree to terms of use before they are charged.

3. Unaware of Free Trial End

If you offer a free trial period, like many other online dating sites, you may encounter a customer who signs up for your free services and is unaware that they are being charged after the period ends. This could result in a chargeback from the customer, claiming they never meant to pay for the service.

State clearly on your website that customers will be charged once the free trial period ends, and send them email updates when their trial period is almost over. This could help you to prevent unnecessary chargebacks in the long run.

Prevent Chargebacks Altogether

If you’re processing card-not-present transactions, you should be taking the necessary steps to prevent chargebacks. Regardless of industry type, chargebacks can directly affect a merchant’s ability to process credit card payments. If you need advice on how to fight back against chargebacks, visit our complete online guide today.

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